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Personal Training

Whether its weight loss, weight gain, bulking up, gaining coinfidance or staying fit, we can help.


Group Personal Training

GPT is exactly what it says. Training with friends with similar goals and targets while sharing the cost.


Sports Team Specific Training

We have a unique way of team training, which creates an environment and platform for the basis of a successful team.


We appreciate you taking the time to come and visit us. Take a look around and feel free to drop us a message.

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Get into better shape in just 28 Days!

The 28 Day


Our 28 day fat loss challenge is all about creating a support network around your fat loss journey.

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24 hour support group, building your own small community to help and support the lifestyle changes you are making.

I like many others spent my 30’s behind a desk or in a bar, now in my 40’s feeling unfit I knew I needed to work at gaining fitness and strength. The group is very friendly and encouraging, you really feel part of a team. I did not believe I could find the motivation to attend regular classes, but now its a way of life! Thanks to Alex and Jo. I would strongly recommend them to anybody at any level.

Chris Morden Yate

Alex is the man!!!! Over 2 months ago I was a lazy sloth. Who hadn’t done any exercise in a year. Alex has help me change my lifestyle an given me my motivation and drive back. Goals have been set, then smashed, week in, week out. Top man for helping to motivate me, planning and pushing me in every session I have with him.

Kaman Mitchell Bristol

Now or Never have helped me along the road to fitness. They have motivated, trained, pushed and educated me. From struggling to do a sit up to now thinking little of doing a few hundred during a PT Session. They have made it all enjoyable! Looking forward to achieving my goals.. bring it on Jo!!

Rachael Barnett Frampton Cotterell

After a long time out with injury, I was a little apprehensive about taking on Box Fit, however it proved to be the best decision I’ve made yet. Through continuous motivation and reassurance the class flew by in no time. It’s a tough class, but you get out what you put in. I personally like Alex’s philosophy “it’s not a race, it’s about beating yourself”. keeping that in mind and with the motivation received, I can’t wait for the next class to begin!

Justin Carpenter Yate


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30.0 - and Above Obese
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